Every small step taken towards peace is a step in the right direction.






In conflicts those involved often cannot see their way out. Sometimes that means helping them to understand how conflicts develop and change, and how they eventually end.

Usually the media is unaware or unable to use the power at its disposal to encourage movement towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Workshops and mentoring for journalists and producers on specific programme formats - from talkshows to soap opera and kids' programmes to documentaries - helps them see how to play a positive role in bringing peace to their community, region or country.



Working with media leaders, politicians and others to develop strategies which will help reduce conflict, or bring the wider public along with a peace process is a challenging task.

​It is also a privilege to be asked to help committed people find a way through which won't derail the process once again, but will help bring it to a positive conclusion. 


In the past few years I've undertaken assessments of the media scenes in Sri Lanka, Mauritania, South Sudan and Bangladesh for a variety of clients, ranging from the British Foreign Office, to Equal Access and BBC Media Action.

Other research has included three online Media Landscape and Telecoms Guides to Bangladesh, Philippines and Nepal, for Infoasaid.


I have also written one online e-course titled Media as a Tool for Behaviour Change, for The Training Station, and advised on a University accredited diploma course in Nigeria for the NSRP.


“Francis co-facilitated workshops on conflict sensitive journalism for iMedia Associates as part of the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme. He developed an excellent rapport with the 22 participants and held their interest in what was a new subject for them. His wide experience of the subject gave him authority and his efforts were greatly appreciated by both participants and the workshop organisers.”

Gordon Adam, Executive Director, iMedia Associates