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I just traveled across the Eastern Terai and talked to tons of people who listen to the drama there, 'Sangor'. I have to tell you, this show is amazing. It is so popular, well loved and impactful. The writers captured the essence of your trainings and your guidance perfectly and have truly created a radio drama which is all that we want.”

email from Michael Shipler, Director Asia Programs, Search for Common Ground

Francis is a media and peacebuilding consultant par excellence. He introduced me to conflict management and peacebuilding and this opened several doors for me. Francis is a great mentor and coach who keeps an eye on my progress and has a keen sense of the future of media and peacebuilding. Francis is undoubtedly in the premier league of media and peacebuilding experts the world over

David Rupiny, Bureau Chief, West Nile, Uganda Radio Project

The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) works internationally to encourage and facilitate responsible media coverage of diversity. It aims to prevent the media from intentionally or unintentionally spreading prejudice, intolerance and hatred; encouraging instead, fair, accurate, inclusive and sensitive media coverage in order to promote understanding between different groups and cultures.

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