Francis Rolt founded R4PB in 2009. He calls on a group of like-minded professionals as and when they are needed.

Francis Rolt
Founder and Director

Francis has been in the media business for over 30 years, starting with the BBC World Service as an analyst. He's worked as a producer and presenter;  helped manage a radio station in South Africa in the run-up to the first all-race elections; headed a production studio in Burundi during the conflict there; and has been international director of radio for a major international conflict transformation non-profit.  He has given guest lectures at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom (Shrivenham campus), the Defence Scrience and Technology Laboratory (Portsmouth), Amsterdam University, l'Ecole Nationale d'Administration (Paris), and Westminster School. He co-presented 'Storytelling for Social Change' at the 2013 International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, and has written extensively about media and peacebuilding. Publications are listed here, an interview by YATV in Sri Lanka can be found here, and the transcript of another interview here.

Lorenza Bacino

Lorenza lived and worked in France, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands before settling down in the UK. An award winning radio journalist, Lorenza manages to combine freelancing with her work for R4PB, and has worked in radio since 1993.

​Her journalistic work is available here

“We're a small consultancy which helps communities, groups and the media develop positive responses to complex conflicts. If you are working in an area where there is an intractable problem we would love to meet you and your team, and develop ways of working with you  to help reduce conflict." 

Francis Rolt, Director Radio for Peace Building Ltd.