'There is no such thing as a conflict that can't be ended. They are created and sustained by human beings. They can be ended by human beings.' Senator George Mitchell


  • CVE, Conflict Sensitive Communication & Behaviour Change Expertise

  • Strategic Communications

  • Media Assessments, Research & Writing


Recent projects include:

  • Online post-grad diploma course in conflict sensitive communication

  • Online e-course on media as a tool for behaviour change for Iranian journalists

  • Conflict sensitivity workshops for producers and journalists working on the frontline in Nigeria

  • A study for BBC Media Action on media and public policy in Bangladesh

  • Master class in radio drama for Nepalese Sangor drama team


My goal is to provide essential media consulting services to governments, organisations and media working in pre-, post- and current conflicts.

Each intervention is designed individually to meet the situation.

That could mean advising on the design and management of a strategic communication plan; training media professionals in how to prevent and manage conflict; mentoring a long-running soap opera for social change; or workshopping an online course in behaviour change communication.


Recent clients include;


    UNDP (PNG)


    Equal Access

  • Transnational Crisis Project

  • Okapi Communications

  • BBC Media Action

  • iMedia Associates

  • PEPL

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office

  • Search for Common Ground

  • The Training Station


Michael Bosse, Director of Programs, Equal Access


“Excellent training provided to a challenging audience under difficult circumstances. Had significant knock on benefits to not only our trainees but the staff Francis worked with."

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